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Review: Endimion - Canción desde las voz primera

And here we are with a high quality material rising out of the Chilean doom scene. Endimion is already a quite experient band, and this album proves to have arrived in the right moment. The teamwork among instruments is evident, even with a rhythm session more aggressive than what I used to see in other Chilean bands, as Poema Arcanvs and Mar de Grises, and this gives the band a quite interesting personality. The more aggressive sections, as those in Lady of my dreams or Naked in the sun, are effortlessly mixed with guitar arrangements as those in We are the sky, that has an atmosphere kind of similar to that in Rotting Christ's more gothic days, and once again, not losing the bass and drum's aggressive aspects. An interesting effect, indeed! Moreover, there is the fact that the songs are not exaggerately long (at least for doom metal standards), resulting in an album that manages to be simultaneously straight to the point and well worked. A sure shot for doom metal fans and a good entry for people more used to styles such as death and black that are not too familiar with doom.

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