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Idea: Opening doors

Hi, guys! Here we are with our first column of ideas. Feel at ease to give your opinions so that we may have a pretty open discussion, no one owns the truth here, ok?

And in today's post follows this mindset: the matter of respecting the other's space. As you may know, or may have at least suspected, I am a Christian, and I try my best to give equal space to both Christian and non-Christian bands in the  zine and I always do what is at my reach for this equality of space to be extended to other factors of the underground culture. And I must say that, if on the one hand I'm happy to see Christian bands being able to make a parte of the underground scenario's venues, on the other hand I regret to see that there is lack of reciprocity by them; whenever I hear about Christian bands playing with non-Christian bands, it ends up being by the initiative of the latter, that open the venues where they use to play, but there is not a return by the Christian bands opening the doors of their churches for non-Christian bands to play. This is outright wrong! The force of the scene is made from the concept that each one has something to add to the other. Christian bands need to stop trying to live a separated scene, only playing sheltered in their ghettos, hindering the access of those who do not share their faith.

In an overview, this is the idea: there is no use in Christian bands willing that the underground scene overall open its doors to them, if they are not themselves willing to open their doors for this same scene. We have to respect to be respected and share what we have with those who share with us.

Do you agree? Disagree? Have I said anything wrong? Is there something missing? Please comment, and lets discuss!

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