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Interview - Endimion (Chile)

Hello, Matias! First of all, can you introduce the band to our readers?
Well, Endimion is a Doom Death band from Chile, born in 2005. Our music can be seen in the Old Doom Death, as the Peaceville trio in the beginning, but with many influences from the most current Black, Death and Doom Metal, and some rock ... it is a convergence of many things!

What are the band's main influences?

Mmmmh, it is hard to answer ... Like I said, there is much influence by what was My Dying Bride and Anathema in the beginning, our first songs (those that appear in the album) are markedly influenced by those bands, those songs have more than 5 years each! But we are currently exploring other sounds; extracting elements of punk, progressive metal, without losing the essence Death Doom that led us to create Endimion, this will be reflected in an upcoming job.

The band is now launching its first full-lenght, Cancion desde la voz primera. Tell us a little about the album. Are there plans to tour with the album? Maybe even playing in Brazil?

That's right; our first album is kind of a closure process, which we wanted to capture the songs that gave rise to the band, which are like hymns that vibrate 5 or 6 years ago, when recently dreamed to play some concert…once.
About a tour with this album, I see it difficult; we planned a couple of concerts in our city (Concepción) and a few in Santiago. We do not even have the means  to leave the country to promote our material. If someone wants to help us come to Brazil we have no problem! Just let us know, jejejeje.

The band's debut cover
Chile seems to have a pretty healthy metal scene, specially regarding doom metal. How do you see it compared with neighbor countries like Brazil, Argentina, Peru, etc?

I think Doom Metal scene in Latin America is gaining more and more force, however, the countries that are causing this movement are Chile, Peru and Brazil; these three countries have a very powerful scene! In other countries there are other strong as metal, Argentina does not have much Doom, nor Venezuela, Bolivia, etc.
I do not know how they work in Brazil, but in Peru the doom metal community is very organized, and here in Chile there are also organizations making doom metal festivals that may become reference for South America, we are fortunate to have many bands of the genre in this country, some of them internationally renowned as Mar de Grises, Poema Arcanus, Lapsus Dei…amongst many others.

How the Chilean scene works? Is there a sense of union among bands or they are each on their own?

Like I said, we are slightly organized, making mid-sized concerts, where we can expose new bands and enjoy classic bands. There is communication between many bands, with several of them are friends, there is also a Chilean community of doom metal, where we have a very complete cadaster for national doom metal scene, it is housed in momentarily .... Visit it!!

You also used to have a poetry project, Gruntode. Is this still active?

Yes, Gruntode still active, just resting a while, soon a new collection of poetry and tune acoustic grunts (perhaps not so acoustic) will see the light. It will surprise the few people who know the project ...

What do you see as the main difficulty here in South America for us to have a stronger and more participative scene?

I think the main difficulty is the geographical distance between one country and another ... and even within countries, the distance between cities. These factors can generate a movement like that of Europe, where every country is like a city on a Latin American country, so it is very easy to make an international recital. For example, if Endimion would like to play in Brazil, traveling by land would be more than 36 hours! And to do it by plane, it would be horribly expensive!
I think the first thing is to strengthen local scenes, making each country have its own circuit, and after that, start to expand, together. If there is no organized local scene, there will hardly be a United Latin American scene.

Can you give us your opinions about christianism and christian metal? Do you see it as possible to a band to be sincere both about metal and its faith?

Personally I have nothing against Christianity although I do not share their beliefs, each person is free to follow that which satisfies. As for the Christian metal, I do think that a band can express their faith through the metal, I think the music, whatever it is, is the best way to express a thought, an ideology or feelings. And if there is a satanic metal, it also assumes that there is a Christian metal.

Well, Matias, thanks for your time and attention, feel free to leave some words for our readers!

Ok! Thanks for your time, and readers of The Book Zine, best regards and hope you enjoy our music. Doom On!

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