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Live Review: Leather Faces

Leather Faces rocking
The supposedly dying Brazilian metal
Last Saturday, November 12th, I had the great opportunity of seeing the band Leather Face playing for free under the MASP museum, and ended having a experience beyond the expected! I was very surprised to see the quality of the almost makeshift outsdoors sound set-up made by the band! Two guitars with distinct effects and easy to distinct among each other, a clear and audible vocal, not muffled by the electrical instruments, and a drum kit that did not "lose" its sound, though we were in an open place! I don't see this quality in most of the shows in closed environments (i.e., controlled environment)! The band scored high here! And, of course, nothing of that would be a great thing if the sound were not par, right? But it was. The band started without delay with its first two songs, the extremely energetic Face and Stand up and Rise (with a chorus for the crowd to scream together). The band's sound is a very traditional metal, like Saxon/Judas Priest, with a foot in the 80's power metal (a bit of Accept, Rage...). The highlight goes to the sensation of seeing a metal show that managed to recover a bit of the sensation of an underground sound, for the outcasts, as besides the lots of headbangers watching, there was lots of homeless, who obviously were not metal fans, but it was clear in their faces and their reactions, their happinness in participating of an event without being shooed away. That's it... A show in an open location, gathering a small crowd and with great sound quality. And some still say that Brazilian metal is dying...

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