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Live review: Neohadth, Oblatus and Devotan

November 26, 2011 - Crash Underground Point
It all started with a rainy night that caused problems for Devotan's guys, who came from the city of Americana to São Paulo by motorcycle (some 120 km, according to Wikipedia). Even with this Even with this problem (born to be wild, I suppose), the band managed to honor their commitment and to attend. So, lets go with the show. The night begun with Neohadth, making a symphonic black metal with doom passages, very well practiced and with the right serving of melody, like Covenant and Antestor. Easily a band with potential for growth. After the brief interval, we had Oblatus, with their excellent traditional death metal with a technical approach to the bass, even resembling a bit of the old Sadus. Speed and heaviness in plentiful servings, seasoned with a deep guttural vocal, all according to the death metal textbook. To end the night, we had Devotan, with their raw black metal, to the likes of Darkthrone and Gorgoroth, with lyrics in Portuguese. They were great for a band physically exhausted from the trip, and there was also a nice talk by the drummer Lord Shavout on the matter of humility. Nice to see people that still manages to keep this mindset. A great night, 3 bands that deserve plenty of attention. Now we just need to wait that they create the use of playing more often and not only among Christians.

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