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Live review: Test, Cyco Pit, Braindead and Nação Corrompida

That was a rainy afternoon at Sattva Bordô, that soon was upgraded to rainy night. Right when I entered the venue, Test was already playing their experimental death/grind/crust, ensuring a sure fire start for the night. After a small break, we had Cyco Pit on stage, playing a right to the point and very pleasant new school hardcore. Do not fix what ain't broken, as some say.Next, we had the begginers of Braindead, that also made a sound founded in the new school hardcore, but something seemed out of place, maybe it is just a matter of time until the band let the energy flow more naturally, as potential is something not missing here. Finally, we had Pernambuco's Nação Corrompida, finishing their pocket tour through the southeastern region. Nice to see that the band brought their own CD, other partner bands' stuff, t-shirts... They even had demo TAPES! I can't remember the last time I saw one of these! Regarding their performance, they made a skilled crossover visibly inspired by the classic 80's bands (such as Ratos de Porão, English Dogs, DRI, Slayer), with blazing guitars shamelesly flirting with metal, but with some more modern touches here and there(specifically, one or another song that surprised with breakdowns typical to modern metalcore), never sounding forced or inadequate.

Nação Corrompida
In a nutshell, very cool gig, that would have been better if the place was not so dark that... Well, the pics speak for themselves. Another negative point was the people that left the place en masse after Braindead, instead of staying to prestige the band that made the longest way for the gig, well, patience. Someday people will learn to respect the work of those who struggle for the scene.

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