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Live Review: Test, Sistema Sangria and Pés Sujus

Test and the pogo taking form...
A holiday in the middle of the week. It comes to be difficult to think about something cool to do when you know that in the next day you go back to your daily life. Fortunately, I already had scheduled myself for this concert with Test, Sistema Sangria and Pés Sujus (the band Derci Gonçalves, from Pará, was also booked, but they had problems with their trip and were not able to come up). The gig started with the duo Test, that made a violent death/grind/crust with some brief experimental passages, bringing to mind a bit of Are You God?, Cause for Effect and (just a bit) VoiVod.
People moshing as if there is no tomorrow
at Pés Sujus' show!

The bar where was the gig had nothing to eat (ONLY fries) and I came to the gig without a lunch, so I hitted the streets hunting for food, and failing at that (it was a holiday, after all), and when I returned the second band, Sistema Sangria, had already started to make their nois. AND WHAT A NOISE, ladies and gentlemen! A pleasant mix of crust with New York hardcore, alternating fast parts with others more groovy, all of them, with no exception, filled with heaviness and aggression!
To end this afternoon, we had Pé Sujus (they really took a long time to start playing), performing a nice traditional punk rock with dashes of hardcore.
After all, a very worthy day, new friendships, heavy music, a burning mosh pit, knowing a new venue, meeting again some old friends... This is what the underground is made of, after all!

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