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Review: Aggelos - Mantos Purpúreos

This is the first full-lenght by this christian Colombian gothic metal band. The style, overall, resembles a mix of Theatre of Tragedy, The 3rd and The Mortal and a bit of, emphasizing the lighter elements of the aforementioned bands, which in the end generates some expectations that are not met. Don't get me misunderstood, the band is cohesive and tight, but the element of heaviness is too great an absence to be ignored. Growling vocals are used somewhat sparingly (though the lyrical vocals are indeed first grade) and there is a lack of crunchiness in the guitar distortion. It doesn't come to be disappointing, far from this, but I really nurtured an expectation different from what was presented. In other words, the problem was more with the listener than with the band, actually. Appreciators of the mentioned bands will have no problem with this album, but if you are after something heavier or closer to doom metal, you may need to search some more. Highlight tracks: Cruel Silence, Muriendo and Labu Reatum.

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