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Review: Hawthorn - Thorns and Blood

Hi, people! Today we have here the debut album by  Hawthorn, from Curitiba, that comes spitting fire right from the start, with a no-frills symphonic black metal. More similar to the style practiced by Emperor and Limbonic Art billions of years ago than with the Dimmu Borgir clones all around. Thus, we have a brutal and fierce sound, with a nicely made play of voice alternance, predominance of keyboards and drums in the (great) mix, a martial, perhaps wagnerian influence, and objectivity. ABOUNDING objectivity. The album, as a whole, lasts around 35 minutes (the version I have, released by the American label Sullen Records, includes the  Dawn of Blood EP, extending the duration to little more than 49 minutes). It is kind of hard to list best or worst tracks, they are all levelled by the top, but Thorns, Master of Lies and Eternal Lord kind of stand out. I fully recomend it for those that enjoy the style of the bands mentioned. Quality, aggressiveness, dark atmosphere, everything in the right dose. The only point that may be a hindrance to some is the fact that they are a Christian band. If this is not something to disturb you, so go at it.

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