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Review: Necromesis - Evolving to an underworld

It is always great to see a band that manages to be creative while not losing the touch with common sense. This is the case with Necromesis, that showcases in this EP a nice death/thrash with a lunatic bass influenced by Steve Di Giorgio (Sadus) from his Vision of Misery days. Actually, as a whole, the instrumental is pretty cohesive and skilled, but it is impossible to deny the prevalence of the bass over all the rest. And the best part is seeing that it occurs in the right measure, without needless exhibitionism. The bassist knows how to fall to the background when more highlight is needed on the guitars, such as in the crushing riff of Building an Underworld. Another remark goes to the grotesque traditional death metal growls, similar to those of Bolt Thrower's Karl Willetts. After all, there is other detail of the trio's creativity with the insertion of music genres usually incompatible with metal, such as  baião, jazz and bossa nova, in a manner that sounds natural and seamless. A recommended material available for download in the band's own site.

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