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Review: Pospolite Ruszenie - Świebodność

Here we have an interesting band, coming from Poland, with a sound mixing heavy, but not so fast metal with typical instrumenst from medieval Europe (such as flutes, bagpipes, viola da gamba, and so on). The result achieved is quite interesting, in the sense that there is not an attempt to force the use of the more brutal approach to metal. Actually, the medieval instruments are what build the music, and the set guitar/drums/bass is seen on the background, as well as the growling vocals, that come up only in given parts and leaves the lead to a male, clean and low vocal. It is not effectively folk as  Eluveitie, Ensiferum or Moonsorrow, actually, it even manages to sound kind of "urban", but urban in the sense of a XIV century city, for instance, an approach quite similar to that of old Dark Reality. After all, a cool single, straight to the point. This is not something too extreme, thus, it is a good entry way for those who are not used to the genre and is willing to know something different. And just to clarify a question that I had about the band: They are not actually a Christian band, as some have thought, but they simply follow the thematic of putting medieval Polish poetry to music, and in the medieval times, like you or not, art and religion went hand in hand. So here is the warning, both for the Christians that refuse to listen to secular bands and to the non-Christian that walks away from anything Christian.


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