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Review: Rest Eternal - Rest Eternal

I enjoy knowing stuff that deviate from the common sense. They force my perception and understanding of the art presented and at the end of the listening I have developed a better sense of acceptance of the different. The lack of this acceptance is the cause of so many wars and violence in this world. But I digress, lets go to the review. Rest Eternal is a project by Dave L., from Grave Abandoned, Wretched Humanity and Departing Dusk. There is a man that likes to keep himself busy. The sound presented is a kind of funeral doom with PLENTY of emphasis on the keyboard. Indeed, it even sounds as if the keyboard was being used in the place of a guitar, for all the leads and rhythms, followed by discrete accoustic guitar passages, kind of inverting the classical concept of a heavy doom band with discrete keyboard passages. The result is, as I made clear, out of usual, valuing more the dark atmosphere than the heavyness, with a remark for the track 7, Cold Winter, that deviates a bit from the funeral doom presented throughout the album and appears as an unlikely mix between Hellhammer and Joy Division with an organ instead of the guitar. That's right, you got to listen to believe it. A nice album, but it suffers a bit for the voice sounding a bit distant in the mix. Nothing that cannot be solved in future works.

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