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Review: Semblant - Behind the Mask

Here we have the EP by Curitiba's Semblant, released online on the day 11/11/11, leveraging a date that was already causing a pretty buzz in the virtual networks. A nice trick. So, what do we have here? Four tracks of a modern gothic metal, allying death growls with female vocals, at times lyrical and other times more natural. Initially, come to mind influences from the Dutch school of metal, more specifically After Forever, bit a more attentive listening reveals a bit less melodic approach by these Brazilians. There is a desirable level of technique, but nothing to become an exhibitionist show-off. They are really musicians putting their skill at the music's and not their ego's service. And they are bold to, in a style traditionally ruled by extremely melodic bands, invest more in the aggressivity, as is greatly shown in the last track, 11:11. Great band, I look forward for their full-lenght!

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