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Review: Senandioma - Order and Progress... Lies and Death

This EP's cover brings somewhat conflicting impressions at first sight. The cartoonish style with a political theme makes us think about a hardcore band, while the logo suggests a traditional death metal band. And when we spin the disc, what do we hear? An excellent 100% Brazilian thrash metal, recalling to Schizophrenia-era Sepultura, Searching for the Light-era Dorsal Atlântica and Brasil-era Ratos de Porão. Technical guitars, pounding bass, monstrous backing vocals and drums with a very precise rhythm, making a party for those who enjoy the eighties' sound, but never sounding outdated. I would attribute this to the great, crystalline production, that makes clear that we are hearing a product of the 21st century, not a forced nostalgia from the eighties. Cheers for the band for resisting to the temptation of making something that would be the musical equivalent of sensationalist media. After all, an EP that worths each second of hearing and will make the day of the card-carrier thrashers. Go now and download yours, that is made fully available by the band itself! Outstanding tracks: Democrashit, Be Stupid and Die and Death Comes to Everyone.

EP download link

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