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Review: Sistema Sangria - Brasileiro de verdade não tem medo, não

And once again we have here Sistema Sangria. This is their 2005 EP, released via Hardcaos Discos, and it presents an obvious evolution compared to the previous demo. Here, the sound kept and improved the best of its characteristics. What used to be a fast hardcore with punk influences became a crust with grind influences, recalling, at times, Extreme Noise Terror, and other times Dorsal Atlântica on their Straight era. So, gone are the sing-along parts and the Agnostic Front influences, replaced by a drum work that at times borders  death metal, as in the opening title track, and a doubled fierceness in the vocal. Unsurprisingly, I liked this second work much more than the first one. The perfect example of what the word "evolution" REALLY means when applied to a heavy music band!

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