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Review: Sistema Sangria - Alienação

This is Sistema Sangria's 2002 demo, with a punk-influenced hardcore, with liberal amounts of agressiveness. There is a healthy Ratos de Porão influence, specially on the vocals, besides something that I can't put my finger at, but that made me think about Agnostic Front. The demo follows a steady pace until its last two tracks, where we start to see some more inventivity: La-la-la, with its lyrics and sing-along nature, and Manipulação, with some more elaborate guitar work that even comes to be surprising. It is not something like Megadeth, and obviously it would not be needed. They make these little experiments, but never fall away from the band's main idea of style. It was certainly a right to the point demo, in the right measure for the fans of a furious, non holds barred hardcore.

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