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Live Review: Genocídio, Death Tribute and Slaytanic - Blackmore Rock Bar - 12/11/11

Genocído e Roger Lombardi
December. End of the year and all the associated hurry. At this time, we have to be alert in order not to lose very interesting shows, as this night at Blackmore. We begun with Genocídio, the only band with own sound in the night, that played very well, though they had not leveraged enough of its long career, as they preferred to concentrate the set on material from the Posthumous and Hoctaedrom albums, besides the more recent The Clan. This is not exactly a problem, but the band ends up leaving behind a lot of interesting material from other phases  (such as Pyromaniacs, from Depression or Dominion, from Rebellion, for instance). Anyway, classics of this phase of the band were all present, such as Numbness Sunshine, Pilgrim, Up Roar and Cloister, besides the participation of Goatlove's vocalist Roger Lombardi in Settimia and the cover for Sisters of Mercy's Black Planet. The set ended with Slayer's Angel of Death and we moved on to the next band.

Death Tribute, a uma distância segura
I confess I was somewhat reluctant in staying to see what was basically a cover band. I am not too much into this kind of band, I actually rather stay at home than going out to see one of them, but Death Tribute managed to surprise me in a quite positive manner. We can really perceive their intention is not being a filler band, but a tribute to one of the more influent names in the formation of extreme metal. And the band indeed is extremely careful playing their songs, with a duly insane drummer and a absurdly technical strings team, after all, it will NEVER be an easy task playing anything that involves Steve diGiorgio in its original form, what to say about SINGING while doing it? The crowd's reaction was also up to the band's effort in their sound, judging by the apocalyptic mosh abyss running wild at the sound of classics such as Overactive Imagination and Zombie Ritual.
Finally, we supposedly had Slaytanic, a Slayer cover (that, by the way, shares its drummer with Death Tribute). Why supposedly? Because, I must confess, I was already asleep at my table instead of paying attention to the show! Sue me! Hehehehe!

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