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Review: Blood Covenant - Sign of Time

It is always a good thing to see Christian bands opening their eyes to the fact that it is necessary to present a quality material instead of hoping that their lyrics filled with good intentions be enough to ensure the respect and acceptance of the ever-demanding metal scene. And this becomes something even impressive when the band at hand decides to invest, of all genres, right on black metal, one of the genres historically more demanding and contrary to paradigm shifts. And, of course one of the genres more ideologically opposed to Christianity by default. And why all that filler, after all? Just to say that this Blood Covenant's album meets this description. The Armenian band presents a melodic/symphonic black metal, with some likeness to what Cradle of Filth was doing some 13 years ago, with important differences on the vocal, that follows a style more akin to King Diamond than to Dani Filth, and the guitars, that use a synthesized distortion that brings to mind something of Somewhere in Time-era Iron Maiden. It is an interesting album for the less radical fans of the style, though I have found it a bit repetitive, the songs sounded quite similar among themselves. Anyway, a good work, that deserves to be checked, and a great initiative by the band on making the material freely available.

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