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Review: Leatherfaces - Leatherfaces

Power/thrash metal. A healthy resume of the sound made in the eighties by classic bands such as Exciter, Accept, Running Wild, Saxon, Exodus and even  Venom. This is what we found in this first EP by this talented band from São Paulo. There is plenty of time signature changes, chorus to sing along and a very refined guitar work, allied to a bass that, tough is not highlighted most of the time, shows a great Steve Harris influence (listen to the end of the first track, Death of Dreams, as an example) and a drum that never fails to the band. It is kind of difficult to point favorite tracks here, the band really strived to keep a constant level among them all, but in the end I settled with Stand Up And Rise (with that sing along chorus), Satan is Coming (also with this kind of chorus) and the epic Leatherhead as my favorites. An excellent choice for those who enjoy eighties' metal and never waive a high quality sound.
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