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Review: Mythological Cold Towers - Immemorial

Mythological Cold Towers (or MCT, for practicality's sake) is one of the more interesting bands in the Brazilian doom metal scene, always treasuring the quality in their works, and what is displayed here in their foruth album is not an exception to the rule. Seven tracks of an epic and melodic death/doom of truly monumental proportions. Indeed, I would say that if the album has one flaw, it is its nature, somewhat repetitive in some moments. At times it is a little difficult to make difference between songs if the listener has not his attention fully centered on the listening, but even that is understandable, since this is a work supported by sound subtlety, not exactly on crushing heaviness and unbridled brutality. This last part of the review may make it seem a negative point of the album, but the truth couldn't be more different. This somewhat repetitive nature and sound subtleties are what make this album one of long life, something that may and should be listened to several times to capture details that do not call your attention at first notice. Finally, this is a sound for those who REALLY enjoy doom, this is not simply something to put on your random playlist and then just skip to the next track. Highly remmeded.

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