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Review: Toxic War - The Return of the Toxic

It is a good thing being innovative, but this is not always an essential condition for a great work. And this is the message conveyed by Toxic War in this EP condensating in 20 minutes seven tracks of an angry thrash metal that brought to mind names like Sodom and some of the 80ies hardcore/crust in its initial stage. The instrumental of songs as Toxic War, Guerra Eterna and Gates of Evil bring to mind some classic names, as Dorsal Atlântica, Discharge and Minor Threat, besides the aforementioned Sodom, while the vocal performance in the whole work resembles the equally classic Nausea, for instance. Finally, as I said, the strenght in this work is not the originality, but a very clear idea of what the band intends to do and a firmness of will to, when accomplishing this well defined intent, we have an enjoyable result for metallic tastes. And THIS is what matters, right?

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