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Review: Cãimbra - É tudo uma mentira

Sludgecore. A style that little by little, always in a discrete and solid manner, have been earining its space in Brazilian lands. Cãimbra here is a nice example of this swampy sound that finds a way to throw its roots along the asfault oceans in the city of São Paulo. This 5-tracks EP presents what is expected from the style: low and heavy riffs, very slow and even plodding, with nice influences from Black Sabbath and from the roots of doom metal, alternating with fast parts directly inherited from punk rock, besides a vocal at times clean, other times raspy, but always expressing a feeling of angry frustration, another lending from punk rock. For those who are not much familiar with the style, this play is a great entry point to have a notion of what to expect of other names in the style, such as Soylent Green and Crowbar. And for those who already enjoy the style, the mention of the bands above should serve as an encouragement for the listening.

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