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Review: Saint Spirit - Vanitas Vanitatum

An overwheming heatwave. There can't be anything more fit to review in this weather than an death/thrash metal EP with modern hints, right? Oh, and just to add to the heatwave mood, the band comes from Rio de Janeiro. All according to the plan, I suppose...
Well, as mentioned above, Saint Spirit here shows a nice death/thrash with some dashes of hardcore and modern metal. Something like a somewhat faster Pantera with vocal more inclined to guttural. All the tracks are tightly knit, both in terms of composition and execution, as is expected from a veteran band. I'll not risk pointing this or that instrument as a highlight in the album, I see it more as an ability to work as a single, well-oiled machine. And this is the meaning of playing in a band, after all, right?

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