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Review: Skeletal Spectre - Occult Spawned Premonitions

Rotten death/doom metal. Gruesome and guttural, with more emphasis to the death side of the style than to the doom side. Sometimes I miss this kind of sound! The play opens with Scalped, with a groove that even resembles a bit of Sepultura's Refuse/Resist. I mean, only until the band slam the brakes and the female voice by Vanessa Nocera kick in. The lady's voice is a chapter in itself. Instead of following melodic/gothic paths, as would be expected from a female voice in a doom album, she adopts an approach recalling classic doom singers, as Wino, Ozzy, Lee Dorrian and Bobby Liebling. Together with this, we have the grotesque vocal by Behold the Pentagram (also in charge for bass and guitar in the recording) and th drum by  Haunting the Beyond. The instrumental has a nice influence from early 90's Swedish death metal, more specifically Entombed and Hypocrisy, and they manage to keep very well the punch of faster parts (which are not rare!). Other than the aforementioned Scalped, obvious highlights are the tracks Raw Head & Bloody Bones (with an impressive groove) and the tetric Domain of the Fleshless One, that closes the album. Finally, a great band that manages to keep  death/doom alive and to show it is still possible for the style to create works of unchallenged weight and brutality.

EDIT: According to the band itself, I commited a blunder here, since Vanessa is the band's ONLY vocalist, both for clean vocals and growls. Sorry for the mistake, guys!

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