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Live Review: In Grind we Crust #1

First of all, allow me to start this review with my apologies for not being able to arrive with time to witness the event in its entirety, though I was so eager to appear. Due to several reasons (including following a wrong path) I ended up arriving after more than a half of the event having occurred. But keeping myself loyal to my mission, here I am with my report on what I witnessed. So, lets go to the show.
The first band I saw was Reiketsu, a band which I was not familiar until then, coming from the countryside of São Paulo with a metal-laden  hardcore, in some points bringing to mind Living Sacrifice, in others Undying, in others Hatebreed, and in yet other, 90ies-era Napalm Death. A cool and skillful blending of hardcore speed and raw metallic weight, that was deeply praised by the attendees.
Atos de Vingança
After a brief break, we had the guys from Atos de Vingança, bringing joy to the present punk crowd with their fast and violent hardcore crust. They played songs from their two demos along with new material and finished with the cover/Portuguese version for S.O.D.'s "United Forces", that became  "Unindo Forças"(it is worthy mentioning that this version was initially recorded by Melody Monster, the other band of the drummer Marcello Kaskadura, which makes this version by Atos de Vingança a re-cover!).
After Atos de Vingança, the crowd (me included) waited eagerly for the arrival of Armagedom, a historic and veteran Brazilian crust band, and I should say that their sound in the current stage is much different from what I expected. Today's Armagedom has much more of thrash metal and even a bit of traditional heavy metal than its initial style heavily influenced by Discharge (though, on the other hand,  Discharge itself in one moment was more leaned towards metal, so I believe that even in the lack of influence, the influence is still present.). Apart from expectations, the band's sound is far from being disappointing, actually it is inspiring seeing a veteran band that keeps its energy and spirit even in songs bordering  30 years.
Finally, a memorable night, that would certainly be even better if I was able to follow it from the beginning, but that's how life is. We can only enjoy that in which we are present. So, it is more valid enjoying than complaining about what we couldn't do, right?

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