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Live Review: Total War, March 25, 2012

Corporate Death
Insanity Force
This will be less of a review and more of a brief comment on this short and interesting concert. We started up with me getting late and losing the first band, Guarulhos' Anarkhon, which according to the words of people present, made a nice death metal including a Slayer cover. Next, we had the second band, Corporate Death, that played without the presence of their bass player and were noticeably harmed with this, as a good low-end base was missed for the guitar arrangements. A shame, since the tone they used is everything I like to hear in a death band. Overall, the band's sound has some similarity with The Black Dahlia Murder, even in the use of generously distributed breakdowns (fortunately, at least in this part the guitar had not its heaviness compromised).
Next, we had Insanity Force, with the premiere of their new vocalist, playing very well their death/grind that reminded me much of Realms of Chaos-era Bolt Thrower. Their presentation was very short (as well as those of the other bands, by the way), but it was possible to see clearly that the band is playing tight and has no problems to keep up to the quality presented in their demo.
As I told, it was more a brief comment than a review properly, but I could not miss to mention an event of bands that struggle in the underground, neither could I fail to mention how great of an idea it was to keep the bands with SHORT set lists to not harm those who (like me) needed public transportation to get home after the show.

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