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Review: 4 way split - Faccion Terrorista Ódio ao Sistema

And here we are with a nice split with 4 hardcore bands from the city of São Paulo (Ódio Social, Sistema Sangria, Facción de Sangre and Ação Terrorista). The album has great production values, and it will be a sure hit for those who enjoy a no-frills hardcore that manages to be well-polished at the same time. Each of the bands has their own particularities, but overall we see a given regularity of styles, a blende of genres like New Yorker hardcore, punk rock, crust and even thrash and death metal. On the one hand, this is good, it shows a good command of instruments and songwriting by each band, but on the other, it ends up turning the hearing in something somewhat confused at times, a problem that ends up more serious due to the fact of the four bands having their songs in an alternating order, and not divided in blocks. Indeed, I believe it would be much easier to differentiate the bands if not for this detail. Out of this small issue, this is a great album that deserves the attention of any enthusiast of heavy and aggressive sound.

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