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Review: Nightwish - Imaginareum

Let's take this out of the way right from the start: I'm not any great Nightwish fan, but I loved Dark Passion Play and at the time I really believed that  Anette Olzon would give the new breath of life the band would need to become one of my favorites. And thisImaginareum here shows that unfortunately that was not the case. The album has the whole atmosphere that recalls Tim Burton's movies, all that thing of frail, elegant and innocent beauty countered by a darker atmosphere. This, in itself, would be an interesting notion, but it ended up sounding somewhat pretentious or pedantic. It is a little strange, I would say it is less metallic than the average of the band's works. Overall, I can't define highlight tracks, neither negative nor positive, they are all leveled. Finally, this is really a matter of taste. I will neither recommend it nor complain.

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