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Review: Escarnium - Rex Verminorum

It is not a secret to anyone that I have always appreciated the metal from the northeastern region of Brazil, and that specially works coming from Bahia always have their place assured in my playlist. And it is alway great seeing bands from that region proving in very clear terms that its reputation as a breeding ground for quality metal is not merely a past glory, but something that stills alive to this day, as is proven by Escarnium, from Salvador, with a 7-tracks EP of an angry death metal to the tune of early Hypocrisy. Putrid vocals, low-ended guitars with fast phrasings allied to the heaviest of the riffs. The album's rhythm is something to be heard in a single shot, and the band even manages to accomplish the feath of having an epic-sounding song (the title track) and keeping its duration in mere 6:20. This is surely a band that will go far, and I hope this "far" includes São Paulo.

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