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Review: Puritan - Faixa de Gaza

Metalcore. The kind of sound that can really bring out a heatwave! Searing guitars tuned some tones down, clearly influenced by Pantera, Brujeria and Fear Factory, allied to angry vocals with something from Hatebreed and Biohazard. Their sound does not come to take the speed from thrash or death metal, but thanks to the long experience of the drummer Fábio Kiefer (former member of the veteran and now defunct and missed Trino) the band manages to imprint a high level of brutality to the use of breakdowns that can hardly be found in the average modern bands, which mates perfectly with the band's equally angry lyrical temathics, that approaches urband violence, social inequalities and their cause to effect relations. The highlights goes to the tracks "Faixa de Gaza", "A Covardia tem a Proteção da Lei", "Fornalha", "Tempestade de ódio" and "Cova Rasa".

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