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Review: Sakrah - Collider

And here we have the debut EP by Sakrah, from São Paulo, a band that has been earning its space in Brazil and in the world with a sound mixing something from And Justice for All-era Metallica with a bit of Pantera in Cowboys from Hell and something from the more rock/blues side of Black Sabbath, that is specially visible in the guitars. This is something very interesting and with a strong feeling, highlighting the two last tracks, Fight Bar and Whiskey Devil. The only problem is a bit of a feeling that they could have invested a little more in speed and maybe in a little longer EP (the five songs herein make up for mere 15 minutes!). Or maybe it was better this way. Perhaps longer songs would lose some of this spontaneousness of metal with a quite rocker identity (something that sometimes is lacking in some bands). Now I just want to see if the band puts up such a show over a stage.
EP download:

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