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Review: Soul's Silence - Act I: Sorrow

Doom metal. A genre that I can't get enough of listening, and I regret the fact that there are so few bands representing it in my city (much less ACTIVE bands). So, I'm overjoyed while listening and reviewing this work by the newcomers Soul's Silence. And as if the optimism generated by the band's mere existence were not enough, their material is also good. Here we have a great lesson on how to be faithful to a genre without falling on the snare of being too attached to its repetitive clichés. There is a noticeable influence of the 94-96 doom gothic crop, of bands as Evereve, Cemetary and Crematory in their respective early careers, in other words, slowness is not emphasized here, but heavy guitars interspersed with keyboard melodies and a rough vocal that brings to mind the more aggressive moments of Moonspell's Fernando Ribeiro. Finally, the recording is kind of muddy, though it dows not come to be something that difficults the listening, this is just something for the band to have an extra care in future efforts. But they have surely started with an excellent impression!

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