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Review: Hatend - Unloading the Hate

Greetings, folks! After some silence, here we are again with another fruit from the file Brazilian grounds, more specifically, the Northeastern scene. This is Unloading the Hate, a work by the band Hatend, from Paulo Afonso, in Bahia. Here we have a gathering of the more diverse influences within the metallic paradigm. This is something notedly made by people who enjoy metal in itself, above and beyond secondary labels usually attached to it, which cause so much dissension in the underground scene. Thus, we have here a prevalence of death/thrash metal, but with melodic guitar interventions here and there, in a somewhat unexpected manner. Indeed, the song "Fire" unexpectedly manages to bring to mind Hammerheart-era Bathory, but this is just a temporary sensation.
In the end, this is not exactly a revolutionary play, but it is very interesting in its uncompromised manner to unite sub-genres under the great banner of  metal without sounding contradictory or ham-fisted. It is worthy each one's attention.

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