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Review: Huaska - Samba de Preto

Greetings, folks! And here we are with another creative work from the Brazilian scene. This is "Samba de preto", third album from the band Huaska, from São Paulo, that plays a sound that themselves define as "Bossa Metal". The result achieved by the group is good, it has an original sounding, and not just like another generic Roots-era Sepultura clone. The lyrics (in Portuguese) are very poetic, and match well with the intimistic style of bossa nova, but I missed a bit of metal/rock influences properly. What we see here are heavy guitars coming through in the middle of songs, but still keeping the samba/bossa style in songwriting, as is made clear in their cover for "Chega de Saudade", that actually sounded even conservative. But what matters is that the band manages to bring their own identity, exactly in a style to which most people would be negatively biased for associating it with the aforementioned  Sepultura clones. Oh, and lets not forget: GREAT idea calling the expert singer Elza Soares to split vocals in the title track! Indeed, if the metal influence that I so much missed were more  present, I would maybe even risk a comparison of Elza's vocals with Motorhead's Lemmy's. Maybe.

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