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Review: Savage Messiah - Plague of Conscience

Greetings, readers! The initiative by a band of making a full album available for free at the Internet is something seen more usually in the hardcore/punk scenes than in the metal culture. So deeply rooted is this fact in the underground culture, that it is somewhat a surprise when we see a case like that of Savage Messiah, here, with a work shaped by thrash/power metal, but without the atmosphere of nostalgia or attempt to recreate the 80's that we see in so many of the bands working with this style. Indeed, instead of seeking direct inspiration only in names of the past as Anthrax, Annihilator or Testament, what is apparent here is that the band sought equal inspiration in Chimaira, Lamb of God and Mastodon. What does it mean? A  thrash/power with shouted vocals that will certainly enchant people who enjoy these old school bands, but also with some features of the more recent style, without losing the spirit of metal. Only the sufficient to remind us that we are in the FUTURE and that it is indeed possible to make  modern metal without turning your back to your roots.
Highlight tracks: The title-track, Six Feet Under the Gun, Architects of Fear, Shadowbound and the epic The Mask of Anarchy, which even has excerpts of the namesake poem by Percy Shelley. For those who were born in metal, the future is made of metal!

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