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Live Review: Eclipse Doom Fest V

Finally something I've been waiting for a long time! A doom metal festival here in my city!
This the more traditional festival of the genere in Brazil, which up to its previous edition was held in Rio Grande do Sul (and where, to the shame of the biggest city in the countrym there where not many people going from São Paulo). In its 5th edition, we had the participations of O Mito da Caverna, from São Paulo-SP, Mortarium, from Rio de Janeiro-RJ and HellLight, from São Paulo-SP. Les Memoires Fall, from São José dos Campos-SP was also booked to play, but unfortunately, health problems made this boosting impossible.
O Mito da Caverna, as mythical as possible.

The sound started with little delay, at 7 PM, with O Mito da Caverna showcasing a disturbing and disturbed sludgecore, with clear influences of Khanate and Sunn O))), as well as drums clearly influenced by classic  grindcore/crust of names as Nausea e Terrorizer... But at a tenth of the normal speed! It is not for nothing that the band defines its style as "dead grindcore". Unfortunately, their sound was a bit harmed, since the bass and guitar bases where barely audible, remaining only the monstrous vocal, the drums and the guitar in charge noise and feedback.
Mortarium (pic from the band's Facebook profile)
After a short break, we had the presence of Rio de Janeiro's Mortarium. Death/doom with some gothic influences in the tradition of bands as Evereve or The Gathering, alternating clean female vocals with growls. Unfortunately the band suffered a bit with the fact that their songs where arranged for two guitars and they were a bit short-handed, with only one guitarist in the line-up. Indeed, in the beginning of the presentation it could be felt that the girls seemed somewhat inhibited, probably something related with these unifitting conditions. But at the end of the day, they managed to show their art in a competent and correct manner.
Vibrations of doom at the sound of HellLight.
To end the night, we had São Paulo's HellLight, the more experienced and well known band in this edition of the event. They went great with their funeral doom filled with influences from traditional doom metal, specifically in the tone of clean vocals, which were also impressive for their sheer power. I would indeed risk saying that the microphone may have even been unnecessary. Other than the vocals, another highlight was the work of the band's bassist, showing clearly HOW a bass player should work to keep the band's sound beefy. Indeed, the bass' low ends managed to cover the guitar, but always being harmonic and pleasant to the ears. It is nice to see that the band has been reaping the results of experience in several stages with varying quality equipment.
In the end, an excellent event, the type in which we feel the underground alive and make true some contacts that up to then were only names in a computer screen. Congratulations for the bands, the audience and may we have many other events aimed at this genre so much forgotten in Brazil.

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