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Review: Obitto - Condenado

Greetings, folks! Here we are again with another work right from the gray streets of the capital of São Paulo. The band at hand is Obitto, and I should say that right from the bat I got a little cautious about reviewing a 5 songs demo clocking around 10 minutes, specially when it comes to grindcore and when it comes to a new band; I feared that I would end up without much to say, and in the end it could not be farther from the truth if I tried! In its short span, this demo manages to surprise with its ability to clearly establish grindcore as a genre with its own identity. Though there it is a noticeable death influence (specially in the more groovy songs, such as the title track), the emphasis here is really to grindcore, which allied to the crystal clear production, ends up allowing to notice a musical awareness way stronger than we are used to hear in other bands in the genre. A great first step and let us keep one eye upon this band!

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