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Live Review: Neurótikas Fest IV, August 19, 2012

This is somewhat surprising, but this event, celebrating the anniversary of the anarchist/feminist collective Neurótikas was the first time I went to Studio Noise Terror, a venue in São Paulo which already has quite a reputation as a place for gigs of the underground scene, more specifically, the punk/hardcore scene, and if in the one hand the place fits very well with the expected from an underground concert hall, in the other hand it lacks a little when it comes to size; the place is really very cramped for a location so well known and with such a large number of patrons. But lets see the bands.

The first band to grace us with their presence was Discrepante, with a fast and heavy crust/thrash, with a fitting response from the audience. The same audience seemed to cool down a bit with the coming of the second band, Autogestão. Maybe it was a reflect of such a sudden change of style, from a brutal crust to a more traditional punk rock, much like Ramones; but it did not take much time for the people to warm up again and to get into the band's atmosphere.
After Autogestão, we had the veterans from Subexistência, gradually adding a more aggressive flavor to the punk rock atmosphere that was already in place among the audience, getting a bigger participation from the crowd and making a more than adequate musical bridge with the fourth band,  Anti Corpos, made up predominantly by girls (which is more than adequate in the celebration of the birthday of a feminist collective), playing their song clearly influenced by the straight edge hardcore from the 90's, but unfortunately they were badly harmed by the sound equipment in the venue, that really did not collaborate. Both guitars were simply drowned in the sound and the vocalist's microphone seemed to be willing to get a vacation, too (the guys from Subexistência also had some problems with the microphone, but they still managed to be heard), leaving her helpless. But even with these setbacks, the audience had a surprisingly good response.
Anti Corpos
Finally, it was a great event, if not by the structure, at least for the fact of seeing that the bands there were happy and willing to make their best and to once more prove that the underground is made of being stronger than all the difficulties along the way.
Event photos: taken from Subexistência's Facebook profile.

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