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Review: Planet Graveyard - Planet Graveyard

Nothing like some good old metal made from heart. Planet Graveyard is a trio established in Florida in  2009, which invests in massive servings of heaviness, downtuned guitars and short, straight to the point songs. The guitar work by Mike Cutolo is somewhat similar to that of Dimebag Darrel with Pantera, in other words: not leaning to much into pura and anti-melodic brutality, but also avoiding to tread the power metal path. Mike also responds for the vocals, and does so with a very pleasant result, remembering Slayer's own Tom Araya. Michael Sullivan's bass and Donnie Dubose drums also are very present are prove to be clearly able to ensure that the sound is not hollow, though they really didn't have an opportunity to shine in this work.
A great debut album, highly commended to appreciators of Slayer, Pantera, Machine Head, Soulfly and the like. The full album is available for download in the band's website:

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