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Review: Mortarium - The Awakening of the Spirit

Normally, when one talks about doom metal, we expect to hear long and plodding songs; indeed, one of the claims usually made by those somehow averse to the genre is exactly a supposed monotony. Mortarium, here, manages to escape from this pattern in their first single by investing in short songs, or rather songs with the necessary span, that sound natural, instead of endless repetitions justo to "sound like doom". Thus, here we have one intro and two death/doom tracks, The Awakening of the Spirit (with riffs noticeably inspired in bands from the seventies) and Celebrate the Eternity (where we can hear the band's death metal influence a bit more clearly). The splitting between growls and clear vocals even reminds a bit of Always-era The Gathering, and certainly the only thing here that seens to be missing is a third track. But, anyway, here we have doom enough to hold the attention of those who are not initiated in the genre and played with enough competence to avoid sounding non-creative for a knower of the genre.
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