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Live Review: II Legions of Nexus

Hi, folks! Last Sunday, November 18, I was at Blackmore Rock Bar attending to the second edition of Legion of Nexus, a festival started by Fábio, HellLight's singerguitarist, aiming to promote more integration between Brazilian bands of varied styles. At a first moment, three bands were scheduled to play that night (Chemical, Rhevan and HellLight itself), and in the last minute they were joined with the presence of the Uruguayans from Radical. Going straight to the point, here it is a brief report of each band's presentation:
The night was started with Radical, distilling a thrash/crossover influenced by eighties bands as English Dogs and Warfare, and in some moments even sounding as a slightly down-tempo Extreme Noise Terror. Their interaction with the audience was great, and they were an excellent choice to start warming up the crowd.
The next band was Chemical, playing what themselves define as "brutal thrash", or a mix between Beneath the Remains-era Sepultura, Slayer from South of Heaven/Seasons in the Abyss and Kreator from Pleasure to Kill. A devastating stage presence, insane riffs and a bass player worthy of Danny Lilker's legacy. Unmistakably, they were the best point of the night.
The third band was Rhevan, the main reason for me to leave home during a lazy Sunday, and they totally made it worthwhile. Releasing their second album and clearly demonstrating the experience born on stages, they made a well-rounded set of gothic/symphonic metal, with remarks for the powerful voice of Daniele Navarro and the very welcome guitar melodies inspired in the NWOBHM, as if to remember that this is a metal band, after all. It was also very interesting to see how well their sound was received, I was expecting that since the band comes from out of the Rio de Janeiro/São Paulo axis and also for playing just after two aggressive bands, the audience would be a bit more cold toward them. It was a nice thing to be wrong!
And, finally, we get to the last band of the night, HellLight. It is shameful to confess the fact, but I standed just enough to hear the first two songs, since my way back home was bound to be a long one... But it was worthy to listen to a bit of their unlikely and surprising effective mix between Evoken and While Heaven Wept executed by the four-piece that certainly is, today, the most active name in São Paulo's doom metal scene.

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