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Review: SubExistência - Do Kaos à Utopia

It is something usual to think about punk rock as a musically limited genre, with no much possibility of innovation. And indeed, most bands do not seem to put the effort into emphasizing their sound, which end up resulting in  pleasant surprises when we have something like this album by the veteran SubExistência, one of the punk bands with more activity time in Brazil. The album is the band's manner to celebrate its 25 years of (sub?)existence, bringing up a mix of old and new songs, such as Ódio na direção certa and Adaptado.
The sound is, as mentioned above, a traditional punk rock/hardcore, influenced by the likes of Clash, Cólera and Dead Kennedys (a clear influence of Jello Biafra can be perceived in the vocals of tracks as Explorado e Explorador), but the band manages to avoid repetitiveness with the use of elements extraneous to the style, such as harmonica, scratches and brasses.
A great idea for punk rock enthusiasts willing to hear something that deviates from the commonplace.

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