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Live Review: Doomsday - March 22, 2013

Doom metal is one of my favorite musical genres, as it has never been a secret to anyone who deigned to ask. Unfortunately, even living in the greatest city of Brazil, concerts of bands within this genre are extremely rare. Then, an event like this Doomsday is always very welcome, as it had the presence of two very active names in the scene of São Paulo: HellLight and Lúgubres.
The event took place in a venue that is not typically aimed at the underground, completelly decorated with psychedelic wall painting. Exactly for not being a place aimed at the underground, the bands had to work miracles regarding equipment and even space for the presentation, but at the end of the day, the determination overcame difficulties, as it should always be.
The first band to play was Lúgubres, that demonstrated a clear evolution of their style compared to what was presented in their split with Les Memoires Fall. In the band's current phase, the use of guitar duets and guttural vocals were a remarking differential.
Next, came HellLight, keeping their well known and expected quality standard. Unfortunately, also as foreseen and expected, their (excellent) songs are too lenghty, and due to the time, I needed to leave before the end of their presentation. I still hope to some day see them playing to the end...

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