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Review: Espasmos do Braço Mecânico - Negative Vibrations

Listening to this 11-tracked play brings to mind a claustrophobic, suffocatting and oppressive notion, that recalls life in the metropolis. Not the utopian notion of metropolis as an environment for progress and enlightened minds, but as the frantical reality of the hectic, demanding and tiring life in the 21st century. The album starts with two tracks that clearly and directly express such urban urgency. Another highlight is the third track, Enterrado no Lixo, emphasizing the notion of frustration with a life that the more it demands from a person, the more it suffocates her.
Another interesting feature of the band can be perceived in tracks such as Social, which present a balance between supposedly laid-back guitars and dissonant progressions, with a sound characterized by clear low ends and saturated high ends, remarking even more the oppressive feeling. The album ends with the fierce and suffocating Até o Pescoço, in whose lyrics a connection can be seen with the band's own name (Portuguese for "Spasms of the Mechanical Arm". The lyrics at hand are Portuguese for "These movements do not belong to me").
Finally, it is a great thing to see a band that dares to play post-punk right in the 21st century and to do so without sounding as a rehashed copy of Bauhaus, conversely, they redeem the pioneering spirit of the aforementioned band.

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