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Review: Eternyx - Unknown Way

And here we are again with yet another female-fronted symphonic metal ban. Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Eternyx presents in this full-lenght album with 38 minutes of duration, 10 songs that sometimes are leaned to the unavoidable comparison with After Forever, but in other moments manage to develop a very own identity, with a leaning toward the more extreme sides of metal, even more than what was heard in the early career of the Dutch band. They even manage to achieve a balance between these two currents in tracks as the excellent Lake of Tears, whose extreme moments are not limited to a growling vocal over melodic instrumental. It is nice to see that finally we are in an age when people know how to make symphonic metal without restricting themselves to ape After Forever/Epica, as can be proved by bands as Semblant and Rhevan, besides Eternyx, here.

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