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Review: O.P.O. - Dark Mind Order

Is it possible for a highly claustrophic and oppressive experience to be a breath of fresh air for the person experiencing it? This first work by the  one-man-band helmed by Frater Danoch answers to this seemingly obvious question with a surprising "Yes!"
What we find here is a combination of several layers of guitar with dissonant distortion playing slow and plodding riffs, followed by assorted sound samples, which grant a dark and oppressive feeling, completely suitable to the cover art of the album. Overall, we can clearly perceive inspiration on bands as Thergothon, Sun O))), Skepticism, Zaraza and even somethings apart from the comfort zone of the heavy metal enthusiasts, such as the experimental composers Philip Glass and John Cage (the latter is an influence declared by Frater Danoch). Finally, for those who have the opportunity, I recommend to listen to this work in random order while watching the 1991 experimental horror movie Begotten. The claustrophobic feeling will be at least cubed!
Full Begotten film at Youtube WARNING! THIS IS SOME CREEPY STUFF!:

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