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Review: O Mito da Caverna - Os Condenados da Terra

"Dead Grindcore". This is the definition used by this five-piece from São Paulo to categorize their sound. Though I had already seen their live performance in the last edition of Eclipse Doom Fest, I still expected of a record to have more evident influences of grindcore or crust, with a bit of sludge, something more in the style of bands as Grief or Corrupted. So, I got very surprised (in a positive manner) listening to this first work by the band. The album has a single, 33-minutes long, track, with a pounding and bleak atmosphere. Vocals covered in echoes, alternating between despairing screams and funereal growls, guided by an austere percussion, reminiscent of a drum setting the rhythm for slaves rowing a Roman galley. The overall result is much more biased towards metal than to grind/crust/sludge, in some moments even reminding bands aimed to more quintessential forms of doom metal, such as Evoken and Disembowelment. A great band, with a sound proposal that, albeit not exactly original, is something that I, personally, do not remind to see being explored by other Brazilian bands, and it also manages to escape from the snare of making their doom a tedious sond. Indeed, even with the cyclopean duration of the song, at its end you will find yourself willing to listen to it again.

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