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Review: Fates Prophecy - The Cradle of Life

Fates Prophecy is already a considerably experienced band, and they come back full force with their fourth album, the first to feature the singer Ricardo Peres.
Here we have a merge between traditional and melodic heavy metal (at times, as in New Degeneration or the title track, it brings to mind Helloween with Andi Deris). Ricardo has something in his voice that even brings to mind Ripper Owens in more aggressive songs, as the opening track 24-7 Death. The speed keeps a somewhat tame pace, without becoming power metal (I confess that at times I miss it a little).
The guitar work is very tight knit, though without surprises; they just do their work and do it in the correct manner. This is not a complaint, indeed, but one can't help feeling this lack of a little more boldness in the sound. This may even be due to the fact that this is a transition album, a portrayal of the and the singer trying to find themselves before jumping to higher flights (this is what I hope, at least).
Having said that, the band's initiative to make this album available for hearing and download is commendable, and it should be known by anyone not yet acquainted with their work who enjoys this hybrid between melodic and traditional metal.
Soundcloud (album download or listening, track by track):

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