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Review: Visceral Slaughter - Caedem

This debut album is, actually, less of a debut and more the continuation of a solid legacy, started when the band was termed Anonymous Hate. After the demise of their guitar player Heliton Coelho, the remaining members kept ahead on their struggle, with a new identity and a high quality work.
The band's personality is easily recognized, but we also notice a more aggressive approach to the drums (for instance, the intro to Reign of Hypocrisy, or all the variations in Blood and Pain), as well as the insertion of breakdowns that don't come even close to sound as mallcore (as we may check out in the crushing Human Wreckage).
Overall, it is a death/grind that balances well the two parts of the equation, something as a middle ground between Deicide/Krisiun and Terrorizer/Napalm Death. An excellent album on its own, but also a great tribute to their fallen comrade and another evidence that the Brazilian metal scene is much richer than what may seem based only on bands in the South-Southeast regions of the country.


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