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Review: HellArise - Functional Disorder

To say a female-fronted melodic death metal band brings to mind Arch Enemy may sound even laziness by the reviewer, but this is really the reference that comes more clearly in the sound of this band from São Paulo; truth must be said, however: such likeness is much more due to the instrumentation, such as the completely Mike Ammott-like riffs used in songs such as I Don't Believe and More Than Alive or the drumsm clearly influenced by the Swedish band, than for any possible comparison between the respective singers. As any EP worth the name, this is a short listening, peaking at 24 minutes, with highlights to the mentioned More Than Alive and More Mindless Violence, which even has a clip on Youtube (address below).
The EP was initially released only in virtual format (available at their bandcamp), but it is worthy mentioning that as this review is written, the band has a crowdfunding campaign to make possible its release in CD format (see address below).
EP crowdfunding campaign:

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